Blogger Backend for AsciiDoc

Sep 11, 2012 AsciiDocblogger

The AsciiDoc backend plugin for Google’s Blogger blog hosting service is hosted on Github, it generates Blogger friendly HTML markup from AsciiDoc source.

The backend consists of a single blogger.conf configuration file.

To install the Blogger plugin download and install it with asciidoc (you will need AsciiDoc version 8.6.6 or newer):

asciidoc --backend install

HTML generated by the blogger backend can be pasted directly into your Blogger post’s HTML edit box:

  1. Login and create a new post or edit an existing one.

  2. Select the HTML edit option.

  3. Convert your post’s AsciiDoc source to Blogger friendly HTML. For example, this command converts the article.txt source file to article.html:

    asciidoc -b blogger -a iconsdir=./icons article.txt
  4. Open the generated HTML file in a text editor then select and copy all the text (typically with Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C).

  5. Paste the copied text into the Blogger edit window in the browser:

NOTE: Specifying the location of the admonition icons by setting the iconsdir attribute has been rendered unnecessary by a commit made on 11-September-2012.


Here’s a partial screenshot of the post (you can view the example post here):



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